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Links to videos of 2 primary schools rebuilt with the help of amazing donations - CMS Supporting the Community

AT - Nyakasanga
PH Comment - Amir Turk
After passing over on a couple of buffalo bulls that were still young and immature, on day 4 we cut a single fresh buffalo track at about 7am. We followed this for an hour and a shot presented itself at which point Michael put in a great shot at 8 yards.

We had some wonderful sightings, seeing the big 4 in a single day as well as seeing the famous elephant bull from Mana, Boswell
AR - Nyakasanga
FW - Ngamo
Client Comment

Another wonderful hunt with CM Safaris. Had excellent days of tracking elephant bulls, with the amazing trackers Criton and Nyati. Hunting with Buzz was a great and unforgettable experience. Elephant hunting, by tracking them as it should be. I look forward to another hunt with CM and Buzz in 2024.

PC - Nyakasanga
GE - Nyakasanga
VA - Nyakasanga
MJ - Ngamo
PH Comment - Buzz Charlton

I have had the pleasure of hunting many safaris with JM all of which have been a great success and a lot of fun. In fact every safari seems to exceed the last in these departments. JM wanted a large bodied bull hunted in good traditional tracking, culminating in a clean close brain shot. After tacking and turning down several bulls, we found the perfect candidate. A super old ele bull.  All mean and proceeds were utilized as is always the case. I so look forward to our next hunt, next year with a super nice gentleman who has become a good friend over many years.

Client Comment

I have lost count of the many wonderful safaris I have shared with Buzz and CMS. Each one has been a treasured memory. Having hunted numerous Zambezi Valley Elephants in the past I wanted to experience the thrill of hunting the larger bodied bulls found in the western part of Zimbabwe. It was an incredible experience. Hunting elephant is always a humbling and introspect experience. This hunt was no different. I sincerely thank Buzz, Myles and team for sharing their time, and skills with me and showing me the people and places of Zimbabwe.

EW - Dande
PH Comment - Buzz Charlton

It was a pleasure to guide R & E on an early season ele bull hunt. It a real eye opener for R & E realising the benefits and the negative aspects of Rural Zimbabwean living along side elephant.  Seeing a crop that is feeing the family for a year destroyed in a night, then seeing the highs of all the villagers collecting any cap of mean from the hunted ele.  I could not have asked for nicer clients and look forward to a leo and buff hunt in the future.

Client Comment

The crew was fantastic.
We felt at home and welcomed.
They tried their best to get us all our species.
Buzz and crew was great and went above our expectations. Will return and recommend. Thanks Buzz!