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DS & GS - Ngamo
PH Comment - Alan Shearing

Although these not a lot of ele bull movement, we did see a few. We saw lots of cows. We saw a bull a few times, which we approached but turned him down. Towards the end of the hunt (day 8) we saw the same bull, which was biggest we had see, so decided to take him. DS side brained him at 16 paces. The bull was better than expected, so we were well pleased. DS also shot a very nice buffalo on day 4 which was a very exciting hunt. We had a wonderful time, and may laughs. We had some wonderful sightings of other animals including lion, cheetah, polecat and a brief glimpse of a wild dog. All in all a good fun hunt, apart from the odd “quiet day” when not much was seen.

Client Comment

We have had a fantastic time on this hunt. It’s the fourth time in Africa and by far the best. We have been very lucky to have had an excellent PH Alan, who is extremely knowledgeable on hunting and all other aspects ie fauna and wildlife. His team are also excellent and have been happy and smiling throughout the 10 days. Dan the cameraman has been very professional and extremely entertaining! Both are very good company.

WS & RS- Nyakasanga
PH Comment - Alan Shearing

We had a slow start, but picked up on the 4th day, RS got is buff, and then on day 7 WS got his big dagga boy. We had lots of fun and picked up a great waterbuck, hyena, zebra, impala and eland (on the last morning). This was a 10 day 2 on 1 and was awesome to achieve the trophies we did. Great time had by all.

Client Comment

Had a fantastic 10 day hunt with Alan, we were into buffalo every day. Taking a buffalo on day 5 with Rich and then mine on day 7. We then chased plains game taking some exceptional trophies each day right up to the last day. We were able to relax the last afternoon in camp and his knowledge of the game was exciting to witness and experience. Our trackers were awesome to watch work and a pleasure to be around. CMS is an outstanding organization.

GP & MP - Amadundumella
PH Comment - Alan Shearing

Seeing as this was GP first elephant hunt I had all intentions of taking a few days to get close to elephant and get GP comfortable around them and give him some coaching on shot placement. Well this didn’t happen!!

Day one we picked up a couple of bull tracks and after following them fora short while the crossed the Amadundumella river, we decided not to get our feet wet, so we meet up with the truck and drove round to the other side where we picked up a few more big tracks. We followed them for about an hour when we heard them, but now they had joined with more bulls and were resting separately in groups roughly 100m apart. We tried to get the wind right but we got smelled and to make things worse we flushed a kudu bull and he ran towards the eles. Sending them all on their way.

We decided to have some lunch and then continue following. At this point many other bulls had joined them, mostly young bulls which we eventually started bumping into. The big bulls seemed to be ahead of the rest (one bull had a huge track and distinct crack) so stayed on all the big tracks until the wind was good and managed to get beyond most of the younger bulls. The bush was particularly thick. We finally caught the big bull, I could see 4 of them.

They were all a little big to be NTs and the wind/thick bush made for a tricky situation, so I decided we should head back out and leave them alone. As we were doing so an unseen bull to our right smelled us and ran off. The other visible bulls turned toward us and started in our direction. I shouted and they turned and then heard Nyathi shout watch out. I looked up and suddenly a large bull was in full charge and almost on top of us. GP and I almost fired simultaneously (at this point the bulls head was down and 4 yards from where we stood). Missing the brain, but knocking down, I stumbled backwards to avoid being fallen on and tripped over a bush, but managed to get a second shot. GP had rapidly put 3 shots in, but the bull still managed to get up and tried to run off, but GP managed to reload and side brain him before he did. One more for a ‘coupe de gras’ and it was over.

We were all shaken, but happy to be alive. 

When we had had a breather and had time to absorb what had just happened it was such fun watching everyone animatedly relay what happened and how everyone had reacted during the situation. There was much relieved laughter. I was impressed with GP’s ability to focus on all the details and totally respect that he remained solidly at my side and dealt with one of the most formable charges I have had to face. MP had the presence of mind to get off the path that we were on and get behind a small tree, which in hindsight would have been a saving grace as the bull would have carried on down the path after everyone else.

Day two was recovery as it was late in the pm that we took the ele.

The rest of the hunt was a fun time to casually hunt a wildebeest and an impala (both with Nyathi as ph) and follow a honey guide (bird) to a bee hive, talk and discuss flowers, insects and trees, which both GP and MP are very interested in. We did eventually when the hunting was over go and harvest the honey, which was a treat.

GP and MP are such a wonderful couple, we had so much fun and laughed a lot. The camp staff, our team and I thoroughly enjoyed having them with us.

MJ - Forrestry
PH Comment - Alan Shearing

We had a good hunt. The first few days it rained quite a lot, but we still managed to find plenty of bulls. On the 5th day we tracked a brig group for bulls (+10) for approx. 7 hours. We caught them resting in some thick bush under a big tree. We saw a big old bull which we decided was a good one to take. We were in close proximity due to the thickness of the bush.  The bull saw and took a couple of steps backwards and was about to turn and run when MJ fired his first shot.  He the (frontal) brain by about 2” on the first shot, but a couple of bod shots before he was out of sight put him down after about 60 yards.

We then spent the next day recovering the ele and then the remaining days we spent watching Nyathi guide MJ successfully to a wildebeest and an impala.

DP - Nyakasanga
PH Comment - Buzz Charlton

I have hunted a few big elephant in the NW Regions. We decided for a new experience to hunt in the Zambezi Valley early season for a dugga boy and an ele bull with DP’s beautiful 577 WR.  We had a hard but wonderful hunt with outstanding tracking in the most beautiful area.  DP shot a stunning dugga boy and a super valley elephant and an impala with his very special 577 WR. My hunts with DP have always been such a pleasure.  I could not ask to spend 14 days a year with a nicer gentleman.  Thank you DP!  We also had the absolute pleasure and honour in having Richard Harland and Pegg on our hunt, definitely a hunt for the record books for me

Client Comment

Outstanding hunting experience in the beautiful Nyakasanga Region of the Zambezi Valley.  March/April vegetation and thick jess, made it for close encounters.  The trackers did an exceptional job, creating opportunities for elephant and buffalo at under 40 yards.  Buzz and crew are consistently excellent and fun to hunt with. Having Richard Harland in camp was a real bonus and privilege