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Dande 2023 | 18 days | Lion, Leopard, Buffalo and Tuskless

Due to a cancellation we are offering this hunt on the below basis, 18 days at a buffalo rate and exagerrated trophy fees should you shoot. Below are some trail cam pictures from so far this year.

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Sengwa 2023 | 10 - 14 days | Leopard and Tuskless

10 to 14 days a plainsgame rates and exaggerated trophy fee on the leopard and tuskless should you shoot.

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Kazuma 2024 | Lion | 21 days | can be combined with elephant or buffalo

Description - Kazuma is not a huge area but it has a 14 km boundary with Botswana and a 10 km boundary with Kazuma national park.  As well as the famous lion areas of Matetsi unit 1 and 3.  This has to be the best kept secret for an area for exceptional lion.  Unlike other areas you will not be dealing with lions that have collars that have come into the area from adjacent national parks. You stand a good chance of tracking should you want!

Available Dates in prime time: October 16-31 in Kazuma

Maitengwe 2024 | Trophy Elephant Bull | 10 - 14 days

Description - this area is divided up into two main areas. The first has a 40 km border with Botswana famous hunting area ct7.  The second area is further south in Plumtree and between the areas at the right times of year there is exceptional elephant hunting. We have averaged 60lbs here also and one feels it is only a matter of time before a massive elephant is harvested here. The owner of the area is putting a lot of money into infrastructure and water and it will only go from strength to strength!

Available Dates: early and late season in Maitengwe